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Beginning in 1978, AC Lightning Protection has manufactured, designed, installed and serviced lightning protection systems for the country’s largest corporate entities, industrial sites, one off and unique structures, as well as luxury residential, equine and agricultural properties.

why lightning protection

Visions of a structure engulfed in flames are easily dismissed. Although lightning causes more than 20,000 fires every year, statistically the incidence is rare.

Frequent are lightning events among the millions of strikes each year that interrupt, degrade and destroy critical technology, life safety equipment and other essential systems in commercial and residential settings.

They are not so easily dismissed. Full recovery can entail untold time lost and tens, even hundreds of thousands, of dollars expended. In the worst cases, losses are irreplaceable. Professional lightning protection solves your lightning problems.


Professional lightning protection acts as an overwatch, protecting the critical systems of the building and its tenants from disruption, or worse.


Failure to protect your home and its technology is anything but smart. Our professional design team ensures your protection is executed respecting the aesthetic of your home.

We are a Underwriter Laboratories (“UL”) and Lightning Protection Institute (“LPI”) listed company. Members of the United Lightning Protection Association (“ULPA”) and the Lightning Safety Alliance (“LSA”), ours is a longstanding team of lightning protection professionals.