Our quest is to push this company to the zenith of professional excellence verges on obsession.

our team is comprised of:

LPI Certified Master Installer/Designers
LPI Certified Master Installers
LPI Certified Journeyman Installers
SPRAT Certified Rappelers
OSHA 10- and 30-Hour Certified Team Members
LSA Authorized Presenters

Look no further than projects like data centers for Fidelity, Microsoft, Mutual of Omaha, Yahoo and Verizon, military properties like Fort Leavenworth United States Army Installation, universities including University of Iowa and University of Nebraska, and entertainment venues like Horseshoe Casino, Council Bluffs, Iowa, to understand the trust placed in our professionals.

Evidencing our accountability is a 100% certified project portfolio. Every project we facilitate is inspected and certified for quality and suitability by a trusted third-party validator. We continually evaluate the solution’s performance via scheduled maintenance, inspection and recertification.

At the cutting edge of building technology, we outpace the construction industry and our own, taking existing tools and technologies and improving upon them to enable our more efficient delivery of the solutions we continue to evolve. Where our technology and tools intersect with our customers’, they speak in common language with preferred industry programs.

Speed to solution is your advantage. Headquartered in West Point, Nebraska, using propriety people and project management software, we stage STRIKE crews nationwide.

Our reality as a family-owned business and the faith that guides us are fundamental to who we are as people and as professionals.
This is accountability.